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[Biweekly Symposium] No. 553: A Century of Economic Analysis in Given Conceptual Order.
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Biweekly Symposium No. 553: A Century of Economic Analysis in Given Conceptual Order.


Lecturer: SU Xiaohe

Host: Guping

Commentators: LIU Junning, LEI Yi, CHEN Yongqin, Ningyue




According to conventional historian research methodologies, historian studies are about find truth in history and put it in the record. However, Mr. SU Xiaohe believed that human beings were a medium of ideas. Everyone has their own preferences, and the complexity of their subjective ideas is beyond the objective facts. What’s more important, it is the ideas that drive people to reveal the truth, analyse it, and then establish a new order of ideas afterwards.



In this light, Mr. SU Xiaohe introduced his book A Century of Economic Analysis, its origin of ideas, and logical methodology. He stressed that this book is a double-direction narrative of a century of economy and enterprises, market order, and entrepreneurship. He illustrated the interaction between different market entities by adopting extensive case studies written by scholars from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, US, UK, France, and Japan. Therefore, this book is not a text of stories and tales, but a text of ideas.


Professor LIU Junning commented that economic affairs were about human beings’ pursuit of liberty, therefore, an economic history should be a history of human efforts to seek for liberty.


Professor LEI Yi did not agree with Mr. SU’s statement that China’s economy was free market economy in the late Qing Dynasty as there has never been full property rights in China’s history.




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